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Malanga Lila from XAGRO

Fresh Malanga Lila | Quequisque | Yautia

Fresh Malanga Lila is packed in sturdy export boxes weighing 40 pounds each. We load 54 boxes per pallet, 20 pallets per container. A total of 1080 boxes and 43,200 pounds net weight. Malanga Lila is shipped in refrigerated ocean containers.

Processed Malanga Lila

Send us your specifications and we will prepare a custom pro forma invoice for your evaluation. Peeled and sliced malanga lila is popular. So is mashed Malanga Lila cooked or uncooked. Depending on your requirements, fresh or frozen. Packed in food grade pails.


Complete list of products from XAGRO


XAGRO offers fresh and processed tropicals from Nicaragua. All custom packed to meet your specifications.

Grains, Beans, Nuts & Kurnnels

XAGRO Imports and Exports basic grains and exotics including

Sourcing / Importing

XAGRO has years of experience in sourcing and importing a wide array of products to meet its own manufactuing and production needs. In 2014 we decided to offer our services and experience to other companiese. We have direct contacts in the USA and in China. Contact us with your required specifications and we will see if we can help you source what you need.

Contract Farming

Since 2010 XAGRO has worked with companies to grow specific prodcuts to fill thier needs. We can arrance to farm as little as 2 acres or as much as 2000. We have profesionals with experience waiting to work with you on your project.

Managed Plantations - Click here for more

XAGRO has over 12,000 acres of managed coconut plantations under development. We are now offering a limited number of investment packages where you can own your own coconut plantation and profit from the rapid land appreciation and the coconut harvests.

Real Estate / Investments

Prime farm land is curerntly a bargain here in Nicaragua. We have been in the agriculture business since 2010 and we know where prime properties are for sale. We can work with you to find what you need. Land values have doubled in the past several years and with the new Grand Canal project underway, you can expect prices to skyrocket soon.

Project Management

From agriculture projects to light industrial, we have in Country experience, connections and knowledgfe. Put our experience to work for you. We can help you start a new project or move one here. Take advantage of the low operating cost, abundant labor force, and stable government. Nicaragua is the place to be.

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